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For Scotland, for example, ’Estate’  means land parcel or plot (plot of land" includes whatever is owned as a separate entity and extends to the furthest man-made appendage attached to the coast..Satellite panchromatic band(b/w)/band(r,g,b) for 78772 km2  as and  when made available and where appropriate and applicable, only is shown in the full version of this product, for each plot with plot boundary,  sourced from Title Deeds and elsewhere. Plot specific extracts available subject to copyright - For terms contact The Systems Solutions Consultancy Limited.  That includes, for example, a flat in a tenement, mineral (and oil) rights and salmon fishing rights-where of sufficient moment.. For each plot of land there is in the Cadastral Map a matching unit, called a cadastral unit. This represents a single Title Map of Scotland. There is therefore THE PROPERTY AND LAND SERVICE. PALS is the website  service (updated periodically)_. The only one map of Scotland, kept in digital form, showing the title boundaries of at least 84% of land, having substance in registered land,that with Application and that without, but having the one form. PALS with BLISS(BRITISH LAND INFORMATION SYSTEM-Scotland, in the British Series) almost every area over 1 acre, for sale by public sale or roup, in the last 50 years is found on this website (with acreage and asking/guide or selling  price, where appropriate and as applicable) ! Click here=>To return to our floating menu

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There are 2 maps below.

The Property and Land Service (PALS) (Red Index) and Physical map (in Grey). The Zoom In and Out is quite breath-taking. The stored, raster image sits below the index:



 Reproduced by permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of HMSO

© Crown copyright 2011.All rights reserved. Ordnance Survey Licence Number 100049730

©2012 The Systems Solutions Consultancy Limited Iberis

At  about  scale 1:1000000


See this (Corporate version used for illustration) !


That's not all.  For Activity by Year, for the last 55 years, use 'Search' on 'IndexUpdateByYear' then on the webpage Years List, select the Year e.g. IndexUpdateByYear2105_1(to 2019). For Activity By individual Index Entry such as '1 Marquis of Zetland', click the Index Number on the red map or Use the 'Table of Contents' and use the Index Number, 1 in this case, and Proper Name of the property of interest.Year Index Name Acres Price/Hectares Comment - appear under each entry. Landowners may appear as 90% of Corrour(Sigrid and Lisbet Rausing) or Ledgowan(Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen) to 80,000 acres or Ben Loyal(Anders Holch Povlsen). Remember to navigate by the instruction on the first top page of the website, with 'Compatibility View Settings' in Internet Explorer, to see all the website features=> click All Programs>Accessories>run>type in the text box=> Inetcpl.cpl then click 'OK' then Internet>Custom Level button=>scroll down to Download Signed ActiveX Controls>click 'enable'(the download is from an SSL (safe) connection(secure Sockets Layer)) then Click 'OK's to return to the website page re-start computer only if necessary.Reset the Compatibility Secure Internet settings if required(since all other sites don't necessarily use SSL.)

 At Level 1 See the stored map with the index sitting on top. Recent owners/ beneficiaries/agents for many thousands of land parcels or plots, are indexed (up to 2.3 million. plots ,many within one ownership have one boundary)

At Level 2 under Level 1, are regional maps with an index sitting on top.

At Level 3 under Level 1 and 2, are area maps at a granular level with an index sitting on top.

At Level 4, are town and village maps. The base map is the Ordnance Survey map.

Click a number on the screen and be taken to information about the landed property, represented by the index code (e.g. n307,K220,2561)..

The link on the stored map, Level 1 called,

 'Click here for most land over 1 ha with Guide/Asking or Selling price', is to the lists of land over a 55 year period. The index locates each plot by nearest estate .

 Search using 'Navigation' below, brings up a selection of the land listed over the 55 year period..

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 Search Index Update 1 by clicking Page with left-hand,mouse button, then Press Ctrl+F or Click Find on this Page

Step-By-Step Procedure


1. Start at the Level 1 screen, called Estates then

2. scroll (move the horizontal scroll bar)  and

3. scroll (move the vertical scroll bar) until the arrow mouse pointer changes to a hand, hovering  over the Index number of interest – then

4. click the mouse button on the index number and be taken off to a new screen or text about the index number.

By clicking on the number on the screen, navigation is made to the name, represented by the index number or another screen of more index numbers and details. Click on what appears (arrow changes to hand symbol ) then go to a landed property and the text for that property.


 How to pay and get started


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A payment facility sits on the website, intranet and desktop versions .'Who really owns Scotland' is our e-book of the bounded properties with index and is for sale and you can buy by  sending cheque and SAE or call our telesales department and ask for a copy.

●Corporate (Trade Organisations) Intranet and Desktop versions : ask staff for pricing on our dedicated sales call lines (See >’How to Contact us by E-mail’, See >’Phone Directory’ in our  SysSols Website, Table of Contents. A Cadastral 'map' for all Scotland can house the jigsaw of plot-related information. such as :Archive records,,Application records,Title Sheets,Advance Notices. The Cadastral Map is divided into "cadastral units". There is a one-to-one correspondence between cadastral units and plots of land..

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'Properties For Sale’





About 84% of Scotland landmass is for the first time available in THE SERVICE (PALS) published list

ROS, The Register of Sasines  covers 29% of the landmass and a greater area is substantive but not yet in form of a single map of Scotland.7 to 10 years(from 2018) according to the ROS Website, is the time before The Land Register is fully functional.

Therefore THE SERVICE (PALS)  is the first published ,single 'map' of all Scotland and in Cadastral Map form

(corporate version  holding title sheets, application records,archive records, advance notices,lease certificates- as appropriate and where applicable).

No other map has search,index, multidimensional information of steading shared tenancies using our unique

horizontal and vertical hierarchical structures -in progress at this time. The Cadastral map is not the Ordnance Survey base map and exists outside this.

 The Systems Solutions Consultancy Limited has the published copyright for the historical Title boundaries

shown and the unique historical List, central to this product, of landmass plot names, for about 84% of Scotland's landmass.

The contribution of The Scottish Law Commission to Land Registration in Scotland is gratefully acknowledged.