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Latest News - Welcome to The Property and Land Service(PALS). Over 45 years in the making. 2.2 m titles within estates or in plots,84% of Scotlands landmass. 55 years of land and property with acreage and prices,brought to the market, up to current 2022. Easy to Navigate with Search and Index and interactive maps at all levels.'Click hyperlink below for Print or Copy Charges from PALS or to Buy 'Who really owns Scotland'. Charges may apply  against your machine ID and ISP if you try to Print or Copy from this Website.  All said, now, enjoy your visit.




Information and Customers are of critical importance to business. To best provide service with both,  hardware and software are generally required.  We deliver.                       

         The Systems Solutions Consultancy makes :

          computer software application tools (data mining, data warehousing and self-aware, data analysis tools)

          e-business, e-commerce and internet products, showing in-depth knowledge of the business process. Our users include The U.K Government's Buying Agency, BT, and Banner Business Supplies (formerly HMSO) to name but a few, as well as numerous vertical trading communities around the world.

          available software services :

         integrating operational service  systems with new tried and tested, desktop/web/intranet/internet-based  .Net technology, providing connectivity and interoperability - within the Microsoft I.T.Consultants programme.

         available educational, training and authoring tools

         [ in many I. T. areas such as The U.K. National Grid for Learning,  with industry standard authoring convertors] Crystal Reports and Microsoft Tools training and over two decades' experience and standing in the field

         available Partnering agreements :

         [and no matter what size your business, out-source your operational services to us, under contract]  managing your facilities using our expertise of over two decades'..

         Find out about your requirements...and what you can pay

         call us and we may put in place what you require - at a price you can afford. Our Products are made of components. Our Partnering encourages building confidence in trader communities.

         Welcome to the way forward  towards E-Commerce. We have experience. Do call us. We listen and provide solutions by asking the right questions about problems.

Thank you!