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Base Sales Portfolio

has won over 25 years of contracts*(and has staff with experience of computer application,earth remote sensing and cartographic requirements over  a 50 year period):

developing the e-procurement and e-supply business software  running for the operational services of  State Government Business Supplies

developing, commissioning, installing and maintaining  the software:

o for control, monitoring, logging and reporting, passengers and baggage handling at major Airports

o for control and  monitoring of the high volume, in-flight Catering operations.

Hong Kong Airport Model (Chek Lap Kok)

o for independent Soft Drinks  supplier

developing and build of Condition Assessment of certain telecoms infrastructure and equipment necessary to support the Operational Transport Systems.- Support Tool providing a methodical and repeatable approach towards ranking of asset condition prior to site survey, quantified assessment of asset condition and modelling  how the asset condition will deteriorate over a 10-year period.

developing eCRM for Stock Market (AIM, Principal and Main) Securities companies under FSA regulation and investor databases.

developing and making instruction available for the Automated Teller Machine (Cashline Service) Software found at SuperStores and High Street locations all over the world.

creating Management Information Systems for  6 Billion Utilities' Headquarters  

developing, installing and maintaining  Transport Management Systems for National Carriers with fleets of over 100 vehicles (2 at present in operation, one with over 90 distribution hubs).

creating and maintaining Warehouse and Distribution  software systems to manage the sales order processing, stock handling and distribution to nationally, networked hubs, then on to the delivery address, whether to a  home or  business address. Electronic Retail Management Systems for High Street Store chains.

through technical services contract, producing risk-based  Material Management Software Systems for large international corporates  Preview Rust Buster on these pages with pricing

producing much more sophisticated, pan-global under-sea cable, or pipeline environment monitoring systems with much more valuable and meaningful data display than ever before. SeaPearl Version 10

authoring of WebHelp, HTML Help,Intranet Help,Print Documentation, Oracle Help, Java Help as system documentation, Professional Guide,User Guide, Programmers' Guide and other products that our clients ask for.

through creating Intranet Search Engines (for Universities and Colleges). Finding documents and terms difficult and time-consuming ?

producing Document Tracking Systems (by project for companies)

producing database management systems for Educational Bodies and , Marketing Companies

developing catering payment systems in operation in several parts of the U.K. See our product AutoSnacker fully illustrated on these pages with pricing

developing fixed line and mobile call management systems and reporting MyCallsAnalyst

developing eCRMs for a variety of companies using Customer Profiling and tools such as Mosiac and Oracle e-business suite components such as HR or Marketing.eCRM


Internet, Intranet and general web e-product range

For Iberis main features click here and press ENTER Iberis illustrated on these pages with pricing.  All products include european currency support.(All help features may be seen by applying to Pre-Sales at SysSols for the specific Product Portfolio Help System, at Email Address or by clicking and then pressing ENTER, here  Buying Centre,Buying Control,Shop Sales Management, Sales Desk.,Glossary  or by clicking and then pressing ENTER, here Quick Glance at some of our Products. The online help system may be mailed or brought to you and loaded on Windows, to help with your decision-making) A comprehensive index is available. Installation consultants are also available to help setup and maintain the systems.

Warehouse and Traffic Control systems are available to interface with this product portfolio, providing vertical and horizontal integration from warehouse through to delivery via sales order processing.

Our United Kingdom Series : Scotland  -'Who Really owns Scotland' , Property and Land Service (PALS)- as seen on twitter and facebook

The eCRM extends PALS to the household using Experian Mosaic.

MyCallsAnalyst  propels into the Digital Economy and manages Data and Voice Call Analysis in office and home.



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